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Nola Robinson Memorial Scholarship Announcement

Midway Locust Grove United Methodist Church

proudly announces the

Nola Robinson Scholarship

for Methodist Ministry

Administered through the Missouri United Methodist Foundations, Inc.,

this scholarship is funded by income from a trust established by

lifelong Midway Locust Grove member Nola Robinson.

Anyone, regardless of gender, race, color, national origin,

or financial status shall be eligible for this scholarship

by filing application with the Scholarship Review Council

of Midway Locust Grove United Methodist Church.

Beneficiaries shall be selected through written application,

personal interviews, references and recommendations.

Criteria shall include seriousness of purpose in pursuing

the ministry, Christian service, community service,

service rendered to Midway Locust Grove,

participation in UMYF, emotional maturity, moral character,

personality and temperament for the ministry, academic achievement,

and age range of 17 to 60 inclusive.

Anyone interested in applying

or getting more information should contact:

Rev. Dennis Harper

Midway Locust Grove UMC

2600 N. Locust Grove Church Road

Columbia, MO 65202

Phone:  573-445-4667


Application Forms

Deadline for the 2015-2016 School Year is August 1, 2015