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Personal Financial Coaching




Extra Mile is a nine-month personal coaching program focusing on finances and relationships. Individuals or couples must apply to the program and commit to a high level of accountability. The qualities looked for in participants are those associated with successful transition out of poverty – willingness to learn new skills, try new strategies, and meet new people. Participants must be employed or working towards employment with some sort of income.


Coach/Support Team

Each participant is matched with a primary coach and support team (often a church small group) and given a four-week orientation that includes strengths assessment, goal setting and financial management education. Participants meet with their coach weekly for the first four months and then bi-weekly for the
remaining five months. The support team comes alongside the coach and participant to offer practical, emotional and spiritual support. Coach and team training and back up support is provided by Love INC.

Community Connection

Within the first two months the participant is asked to join a small group of their choice (Bible study, church small group or community support group) and attend weekly.

Point System and Rewards

A clearly outlined and agreed upon point system is utilized at each coaching session as a review of the participant’s budgeting, follow-through on goals, and participation in a community connection group. Rewards are provided based on point score and tailored toward helping participants meet the personal goals they have set.

Program Goals for Participants

Recognize their strengths and build confidence

Expand their social network and strengthen their family relationships

Opportunities for Church & Individual Involvement (can select one or more):

Go-the-Extra Mile. Be a personal coach – either individually, with a co-coach, or as a team leader of your church or group.

Love-an-Extra Mile. Form or join a support team for a participant.

Fund-an-Extra Mile. Provide monetary or in-kind donations for one or more participant’s rewards (individual/church donations, drives, host a pantry or closet)

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